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Mary's Guns by DeimosSaturn Mary's Guns by DeimosSaturn
The bottom weapon is an info-age weapon first created for the Canadian Military in the year 2023.

The RM320 is a sub machine gun that functions with almost no moving parts and can be fired using a brainwave trigger mechanism. The soldier is equiped with a skull cap rigged with thousands of extremely sensetive electrodes that detect very small changes in electrical activity of the brain. These changes can be used as a switch for various machines, guns, vehicles, computers, and hardware without the soldier having to physically touch any buttons or switches, they merely have to think about it.

The gun can also be fired manually.

In the year 2114, projectile weaponry had become obsolete and replaced entirely by non-lethal weapons. Certain types of cyber/virtual wares could be employed by militaries to corrupt the neural processes of enemies. Certain types of lasers of beams of directed energy could be used to paralyze nerves. Etc. etc.

Essentially, the phaser on star trek had now been perfected. However, in the 28th century, since so many factions of human civilization have become so isolated, and mysterious invisible god-like forces seem to be operating within the landscape of every earth, to some people, guns of the physical projectile sort have come back into fashion.

Mary and her crew is nanomanufacturing these antique weapons for use in the rebellion and the war against Lynkoma and her minions.

The RM320 fires round electronically so there is no bolt, there is no spring, no gear box, no air cannister, no moving parts at all...except the ammunition itself.

The rounds are designed to fire the bullet electrically. The explosives being used fire the rounds at high velocity (armor piercing velocity) and very quietly. It has a firing rate of 10,000 per second but this speed can be modified easily.

The bullets are very small but can do a lot of damage. The clips are quadrupal stacked (layered with 4 rows of stacked ammunition) with a total of 100 rounds per clip.

The muzzle is very short and has a built in flash guard/supressor. Furthermore, it also has a sonic nullifier that can make the gun almost totally silent.

The RM320 fires two types of ammunition. Armor piercing and armor stopped. The rounds themselves come in many varieties including poison tipped, exploding head, head seeking, image seeking, high arc, and around-corner. Some also can be programmed to have delayed secondary functions.

It has a folding stock which is also adjustable. The frame and skin is composed of carbon composite materials, titanium, cadmium, and various plastics. The overall weight of an unloaded RM320 is less than 2 kilos. It has a 3x, 5x, and 10x magnification scope with nightvision and infrared digital spectralizer. It has a live feed and digital recorder camera.

The gun on the top is a very special type of gun.

Around the time guns of this sort became obsolete, there were countries all around the world making the ownership of these types of weapons illegal.

There was one company in Hungary that manufactured old fashioned six-shooter revolvers late into the 25th century until finally being bought out and dismantled.

Mary has collected guns since she was a young child and was able to program a replicator to construct a very special type of gun that would fire a very special type of ammunition.

She called it a Quantum Revolver. It fires six rounds of a quantum bullet.

The bullet itself has a miniature hydrogen bomb built into it which when exploded, fires an atomically accurate fullerene bullet.

It is, for all intensive purposes, a gun that fires black diamonds.

Due to some strange quantum laws, a power source within the diamond creates an energy field on its surface that causes it to be totally unstoppable.

It will, without ever stopping, penetrate any matter, with the only thing affecting is being gravity.

It was tested against a 30 meter thick sandwhiched layer of kevlar and ceramics.

The bullet passed right through every layer, then through the wall behind it, and through the mountain range behind that.

This type of weapon is ideal for someone like Mary who faces threats with powers equal to her own. Enemies like Lynkoma and the Federation.
PiplupSTARSCommander Featured By Owner May 31, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
Cool Guns!!!
II-Kibosh-II Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2008
one problem... if someone only thinks about it, and it only reads changes in elec, then all he would have to to do shot it is be like, what if i shot him, and the gun would go off without him even meaning to.
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