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Hick Bills
United States
Current Residence: Somewhere over the double rainbow
Favourite genre of music: for god sake, why compartmentalize music??
Favourite photographer: hahahahaha
Favourite style of art: that's ridiculous
Operating System: windows xp
MP3 player of choice: Winamp
Shell of choice: oyster shells
Wallpaper of choice: bare walls
Skin of choice: Sheep skin
Favourite cartoon character: Lady Mcbeth
Personal Quote: If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face...forever." -1984
Wow, how much conceit do I have to write a public journal? To think that anyone gives two shits of a rat's dick of what I have to say about Carlos Mencia. (wow, was that really five years ago? Feels like yesterday)

Anyway, Mencia is still a proven thief and I do feel that if one appreciates comedy that they should care, but I don't know why I have to tear things down that annoy me slightly. I honestly don't really care that much but for whatever reason I have to act like I am so indignant about everything. But who am I to be judging? Is my personality and character flawless? My personality and character is nothing BUT flaws.

I wont go through all the flaws because I don't want to turn this into a pity party. I'm hear to let people know that in the last several years, especially in the last several months I have changed a lot as a person.

I see people differently now. I've known the fear of death. I've known the fear of life. Intimately. I no longer presume things about people. Instead, I worry. I worry a lot. I feel each life as its own self-contained drama filled with characters, dilemmas, tragedies, and glory.

I'm learning about positivity, a concept that I abandoned a long long time ago. I was taught by people I admired that positivity was something to be despised. Positivty was an ugly thing that was dangerous and intoxicating. Positivty was dyonissian and I had to be apollinian. Positivity was quaint and I had to be sophisticated.

The road ahead of me is going to be filled with challenges that make my previous trials seem like a walk in the park. I have to harden myself even more, but not just hardened to positivity, I have to be hardened to negativity. No more of this cynicism and snark. No more trying to be the angry critic of everything safe.

I'm come far already. I'm literally a different person. I'm almost entirely a new arrangement of atoms. I have a chance to be reborn again as a self challenger. I'm going to climb this mountain and see my new self at the summit.
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Lordwormm Mar 29, 2011  Hobbyist
Wow. I've just been blown away by your gallery. You have some amazing ideas and execution of said ideas. Just too intense! I will be back to do more reading and research for sure!

I would like to recommend you in my journal with your permission?
Your pics r amazing :O
noncannonfireworks Mar 10, 2009  Student Artist
oh GOD



saw your rant against anime and its obvious what you do and dont know

its the cursed of modern anime to be precise, the ages where they throw out half assed shojo based shows (like that cardcaptor rubbish, for girls basically) and shonen like naruto and bleach (bleh ripping stereotypes from manga before it)

and this rubbish is popular with tweeny fan boys and girls lulling them into thinking that manga is one strict style


in the comics, manga theres a wealth of mangaka with diverse styles and influences (one particularly impressive one in naoki urasawa, creator of monster, a kind of murder mystery/ thriller) but these kind of artists dont seem to appeal to the naruto generation which as someone working toward becoming a mangaka im given the urge to throw a brick in the face of every little fanboy and girl that says in the same retarded way "i draw anime"

and not to mention animation companies diluting and ruining great manga...

as someone who draws and takes my own approach to manga i hate anime more than some american american making half geusses could ever understand!!!!!!!D:<
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itt0ryu Feb 23, 2009  Professional General Artist
Hello there :D
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Th3-ProphetMan Oct 18, 2008  Professional Interface Designer
I featured the other day some of your art in my GTA Blog, hope youre ok with it. There's a link to your dA profile, but if you want me to edit anthing or remove it tell me. [link]
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netkeyfim Jun 26, 2008
Thank you for this wonderful work. Keep it up

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